Resistoflex Offers Free Literature On High Performance Fluid Systems

Resistoflex, a recognized leader in the aerospace industry, now offers its high-performance fluid connectors for militiary marine use.

From initial design to actual installation installation, Resistoflex integrates high technology with operational requirements to meet high-temperature, high-pressure, no-leak demands of fluid systems. Resistoflex's Dynatube® Teflon hose assemblies and Dynatube® pipe and tube fittings have successfully passed testing to Mil-S-901C(1) shock tests (high impact shipboard machinery equipment and systems); Mil-STD 167/1 mechanical vibrations of shipboard equipment (Type I Environmental and Type II Internally Excited); and MIL-STD-810C environmental test methods (salt spray corrosion, etc.).

Specified as the standard separable fluid connector on the UniDynamics Armored Box Launcher Weapon System, the Resistoflex Dynatube® fitting stands ready to demonstrate its performance characteristics when attached to Teflon hose, rigid tubing, or pipe.

Whatever the specific project, Resistoflex invites your inquiry and welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the many advantages of Dynatube fittings.

Resistoflex recently announced the relocation of their entire Roseland, N.J., facility to 2575 West 5th Street, Jacksonville, Fla., 32205, effective January 1, 1987.

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