RST Introduces 'Smart' Load M o n i t o r i n g / L i ne Payout System

A microprocessor-based device that monitors line tension, load position, and line speed is now available from Remote Systems Technology Inc. The device may also control line position and speed.

RST's Load Monitoring/Line Payout System incorporates 16K bytes of program memory and interfaces with the following inputs and outputs: four channels of analog input that can be converted to digital values with 12-bit (one part in 4096) resolution; four input amplifiers for calibration of transducer signals; eight digital inputs for special function switches and On/Off sensors; four output relays (used to drive order higher power relays); two analog output channels; 20 position sealed keyboard; and two line by 16 character backlit LCD display. The input channels can be configured to accept load cells; pressure, angular position, and linear position transducers; temperature and magnetic flux sensors; and pendulums.

The four output relays can drive large relays for controlling motors and alarms; the analog output channels can drive meters for analog indication of calculated values. System features include an alphanumeric display to assist the operator through instruction sequences, an alarm function and an On/Off control function.

Custom configurations are also available to meet specific application requirements.

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