Indicator Switch From Nupro Connects To Air Actuated Bellows Valves

A new indicator switch for use with normally closed, miniature airactuated bellows valves is now available from Nupro Company, Willoughby, Ohio.

The switch threads into the top of the actuator. It activates when the valve is open, sending an electrical signal to another component such as a programmable controller or panel readout. The switch assembly includes 24-inch leads with an in-line clip for easy installation.

A retrofit kit is available for the appropriate Nupro air-actuated valves.

The valves incorporating the switch have service ratings from vacuum to 3,500 psi (24,100 kPa), and - 4 0 ° to 200° F ( - 4 0 ° to 93° C). Models are available in 316 stainless steel, brass, and Alloy 400. End connections can be Swagelok Tube Fittings, metal gasket or Oring face seal fittings, socket weld or butt weld. Sizes are Vi -inch, % -inch and ¥2-inch.

Applications include systems involving semiconductor processing, toxic or corrosive fluid control, high vacuum, high purity and ultra-clean requirements.

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