Twin Disc Introduces New Torque Converters —Literature Available

Twin Disc, Incorporated of Racine, Wis., a leading manufacturer of power transmission components, has announced a new Type Four-2620 industrial hydraulic t o r q u e c o n v e r t e r . This unit, specifically designed for oilfield applications, is one of four models offered in this new line. The Type Four converters have been developed for use with diesel engines and electric motors up to 2,237 kw (3,000 hp). These units are said to provide high torque multiplication and utilize prime mover power over a greater operating range than previous torque converters offered for oilfield applications.

The Type Four-2620 for hoisting operations covers a range of 242 to 466 kw (325 to 625 hp) at 1,300 rpm, and 1,063 to 1,790 kw (1,425 to 2,400 hp) at 2,100 rpm. For pumping and drilling operations this unit at 1,200 rpm covers a range from 194 to 365 kw (260 to 490 hp) and at 1,800 rpm, 671 to 1,230 kw (900 to 1,650 hp). For further information and free literature,

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